Treatment recommendations: / This treatment is designed for all those with :

  • so-called “bags” under the eyes as well as bruising and wrinkles in that same region
  • cellulite
  • local excess of fat tissue
  • alopecia / hair loss
  • loss of skin and subcutaneous tissue firmness
  • wrinkles
  • scars and stretch marks
  • skin revitalization (rejuvenation)

Treatment details

Carboxytherapy is a procedure that consists of a controlled administration of carbon dioxide with intradermal or subdermal injections using a “CONCERTO” device. Carbon dioxide has multidirectional applications. The reduction of wrinkles takes only 5 minutes, the treatment of stretch marks on your abdomen takes approximately 30 minutes. To reach the best results this treatment should be taken in series. Depending on the region of the body being treated and the procedure scale this treatment is made once a week (cellulite, reduction of fat tissue); once every 2-4 weeks (wrinkles, loss of skin firmness, scars, stretch marks, baldness/alopecia). Sometimes only one procedure is required to regenerate the skin around eyes region. Lasting up to only 5 minutes this treatment will eliminate visibility of “bags under your eyes”.

Treatment duration: 20-90 minutes

“Concerto” – the newest French device performing carboxytherapy guarantees maximum amount of comfort and safety of the procedure.
Considering our several years of experience in practicing carboxytherapy we offer you the following treatment packages :

OKOLICA1 zabieg3 zabiegi5 zabiegów10 zabiegów
Oczy130 PLN378 PLN617 PLN1170 PLN
Twarz 230 PLN669 PLN1092 PLN2070 PLN
dekolt230 PLN669 PLN1092 PLN2070 PLN
Twarz, szyja, dekolt300 PLN873 PLN 1425 PLN2700 PLN
Usuwanie drugiego podbródka150 PLN436 PLN712 PLN1350 PLN
Skóra głowy180 PLN524 PLN855 PLN1620 PLN
Piersi200 PLN582 PLN950 PLN1800 PLN
Linia brzucha200 PLN582 PLN950 PLN1800 PLN
Całe uda220 PLN640 PLN1045 PLN1980 PLN
Ramiona 200 PLN582 PLN950 PLN1800 PLN
Brzuch + uda350 PLN1018 PLN1662 PLN3150 PLN
Uda + pośladki300 PLN873 PLN1425 PLN2700 PLN

  • pregnancy and breast-feeding
  • diabetes
  • heart conditions
  • severe lung and kidneys insufficiency
  • cancer
  • usage of/taking anticoagulants w
  • epilepsy
  • bacterial, fungal or viral skin states.

  • the skin should be clean, without pathological efflorescences
  • any procedures are preceded by medical consultations

  • is determined individually

Some micro-marks will be visible in the place of injection, they disappear after few minutes. The same goes for redness that appears in the place where the gas spreads under the skin. There is a low risk of “bruises”. During the procedure the propagation of gas in visible under the skin, giving the notion of “swelling”, it disappears after few minutes.

During the series of treatments it is recommended to limit sunbathing and visits to the solarium for a minimum period of 7 days after the procedure. Additionally for the minimum period of 24 hours after the treatment it is not recommended to use sauna, steam room; warm baths, Jacuzzi or swimming pool; excessive physical exercises are forbidden (i.e. gym, fitness).

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