The advantages of laser depilation with “Light Sheer Duet”:

  • depilation can be performed for patients with different skin tones (including tanned skin) and with different hair colors
  • a unique cooling system ChillTip™ allows active cooling for the safety and comfort of the patient
  • due to the large size of the (device) tip more hair can be removed with just one shot

Treatment details

The most effective method for permanent removal of unwanted hair comes from medical diode laser LIGHT SHEER certified by an American Certifying Organization (FDA).

Duration of treatment dependable on the area of the body.

How does the laser LIGHT SHEER DUET work?

In the Beauty Institute “Prestiż” in Wroclaw we perform the procedures of laser depilation using our model of the LIGHT SHEER DUET. It is the only model that has two depilation tips:

The first tip has therapeutic window made from synthetic sapphire. It provides three power pulses per second at a energy density of up to 100 j/cm2. The risk of burns is eliminated through the use of cooling sapphire tipping. This system is currently the most powerful device of this type on the market and it provides an unprecedented efficiency in depilation.

The second tip provides a large treatment area and vacuum pressure. It allows for a quick and painless depilation conducted on large areas of the body. Thanks to the larger surface area of the laser beam directed at the body, we have the means for a deeper light penetration thus increasing the effectiveness of the treatment. A second tip also draws the skin, it decreases 10 times the number of necessary pulses reducing energy consumption.

Using LIGHT SHEER DUET for depilation reduces treatment time, for example: the depilation of calves with new head takes only 20-25 minutes. This is one of the most significant advantages of laser depilation.

Based on our several years of experience in the field of laser depilation we offer you the following treatment packages:


Area 1 procedure series of 4 procedures
Moustache 150 PLN 400 PLN
beard 200 PLN 600 PLN
Face 450 PLN 1600 PLN
Neck 250 PLN 800 PLN
Armpits 300 PLN 1000 PLN
Back 650 PLN 2000 PLN
Chest 450 PLN 1200 PLN
Forearms 300 PLN 1000 PLN
Whole hands 450 PLN 1600 PLN
Abdomen line 200 PLN 600 PLN
Abdomen 350 PLN 1200 PLN
Shallow bikini 250 PLN 800 PLN
Deep bikini 350 PLN 1200 PLN
Buttocks 350 PLN 1200 PLN
Tights (knees gratis) 400 PLN 1400 PLN
Calves (knees gratis) 400 PLN 1400 PLN
Whole legs 800 PLN 3000 PLN
Bikini + armpits 450 PLN 1600 PLN
Bikini + tights 600 PLN 2200 PLN
Bikini + calves + armpits 750 PLN 2800 PLN
Bikini + legs + armpits 1150 PLN 4400 PLN
Back + shoulders + neck 850 PLN 3200 PLN
Chest + abdomen 610 PLN 2240 PLN

  • pregnancy and breast-feeding
  • fresh tan
  • drugs and photosensitivity herbs
  • herpes (this treatment can be performed one week after the relief of symptoms)
  • tearing of the epidermis
  • tattoo in the area of performed procedure
  • epilepsy
  • albinism
  • psoriasis
  • skins oversensitivity to the sun
  • a history of cancer diseases and present ones
  • prone to scarring
  • red, blond and gray hair

  • you should give up tanning (sunbathing, solarium) min. 4 weeks before treatment
  • you should withdraw from using bronzers/self-tanning creams min. 2 weeks before treatment
  • do not depilate hair min. 6 weeks before treatment; facial hair min 4 weeks before treatment
  • in between the treatments hair can be shaved or trimmed
  • for a week prior to the procedure do not use any kind of depilation creams/hair removal creams and any other kind of exfoliating creams (peeling)
  • before the procedure you should report any medications; in the case of taking photosensitizing drugs, for example: some types of antibiotics; antidepressants, aspirin, Ibuprom, etc.; the procedure can be performed min. 2 weeks after cessation of usage
  • in the case of oral administration of isotretinoin (Roaccutane, Izotek, Curacne), the treatment can be performed 6 months after completion of medical therapy
  • 2 weeks before surgery discontinue using herbs such as St. John’s wort, calendula, figure tea
  • discontinue oral administration of wit. A, wit. E min. two weeks before treatment
  • discontinue oral administration of wit. C two days before procedure
  • a month prior to the procedure, do not use creams and ointments containing vitamin. A, fruit acids, retinoids (Isotrexin, Differin, Zorac, Retin A, etc.) in the body area of the procedure
  • in the case of a pacemaker or other cardiac diseases, you should provide a statement from the attending physician confirming the absence of contraindications to such treatment
  • 24 hours before surgery, do not use lotions, antiperspirants (Etiaxil – set aside two weeks prior to surgery)
  • you should wear loose clothing for the surgery that does not irritate the freshly depilated skin
  • the day before the surgery, the hair should be shaved, or if the hair are not dark, you should leave a small square of hair that will be used to assess whether the treatment will be effective

The number of treatments required to achieve a lasting and significant effect is determined individually depending on the patient and the area of the procedure. Most patients require 4-6 treatments every 6-8 weeks.

After the procedure, especially after the first waxing – the skin may be slightly irritated, mainly in the bikini area. You should wash the skin with a mild gel and apply a moisturizing lotion. After the procedure do not use any cosmetics that may irritate the skin.

Among those who regularly perform wax depilation a problem with ingrown hairs may appear, which can cause inflammation states. Therefore it is very important to use peelings between depilations. You should also massage your body with rough washcloth (in the direction “against the grain”), apply lotions for softening and moisturizing the skin. However, do not use peels on the day of procedure, and in the case of sensitive skin up to 3 days before depilation.

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