Do you suffer from broken capillaries on your face or legs? Instead of hiding your legs in long trousers, or putting thick layer of masking powder you can come to ‘Prestiż’ Institute and get rid of the problem! Broken or dilated capillaries are not only aesthetic problem and you should not ignore them. Broken capillaries on your legs can be a symptom of venous incompetence, and those on the face can be the start of allergy or rosacea.


Vessels closure with diode laser Varilite

Treatment results :

  • the vessels are no longer visible

Information about treatment

The VariLite™ system form Iridex (USA) provides a comprehensive solution in the field of laser treatments of skin lesions. It is being used as a treatment in many medical conditions such as angiogenic changes of the skin, vessel changes of lower limbs, mild pigment changes.

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