Properly executed make-up will add radiance to your complexion. It will hide any signs of fatigue as well as disguise imperfections and wrinkles. No large amount of cosmetics is needed to make such make-up. You can find out for yourself that proper knowledge and a little bit of practice are all that you to need to look like a real star! We invite you to use the services of our make-up artists.

Be a perfect bride both in reality as well as in the film and photos.

Durability and waterproof properties are guaranteed by professional cosmetics made especially to withstand the requirements of working in extreme conditions, such as film sets, in television and in the theatre. The foundation applied with an “airbrush” technique guarantees an ideal masking of discolorations, acne scars, capillaries and even tattoos. The color palette of shadows, blushers and lipsticks will extract the radiance of skin complexion and will highlight the iris of the eye. A discrete make-up for man will be an ideal complement to the perfect presentation of the newlyweds.

There is possibility of preparing make-ups at clients’ house.

A trial make-up allows to refine the details of a wedding stylization, it also helps choosing the range of colors that harmonize best with the particular type of beauty.

We offer a mineral make-up that reduces the risk of any skin irritations for people with a very sensitive type of complexion; for people with allergies and for all those who have undergone any kind of aesthetic medicine treatments.

The technology of FULL HD image recording currently dominates in the world of film and professional photography. It demands from a make-up a flawless technique of masking and smoothening the skin with the obligation of near total invisibility of applied cosmetics, even in significant close-ups.

Primers from Dinair applied using an “airbrush” technique reduce the imperfections of skin while leaving its natural look. HD primers increase skin hydration, lifting and they optically smooth wrinkles. This make-up will stay for hours and will not assemble in the skin breakdowns. It is ideal for working on sets with film or photographic lighting.

FULL HD make-up increases visual aspects of the face, emphasizes contours of the eyes and lips while concealing all imperfections.

Daytime make-up is light and it presents its best qualities in the full light of day. It is designed to emphasize the qualities of beauty guaranteeing fresh and natural look. This kind of make-up uses techniques that illuminate certain parts of the face simultaneously it discretely models its shape. Eye shadows, specifically chosen for you, beautifully expose the colour of your iris.

Avant-garde or classic, but always perfectly cooperating with artificial light. Rich and explicit, but always well matched with the stylistics of the outfit, well balanced with your hair style and accessories. Your perfect look on the ball, throughout the party or during a romantic dinner.

There is a possibility of increasing visual effects of this kind of make-up through: false eyelashes, lengthening and thickening eyelashes with tuffets, feathers, tattoos, glitter, crystals, UV paints (fluorescent paints).

A discrete and elegant make-up is the best supplement to your business style.

Your face is the primal object of focus in any conversation and because of that the color theme of your make-up should be chosen carefully and with proper consideration. It should harmonize with your type of beauty, simultaneously emphasizing your job position.

Without a doubt self-awareness of your strong professional look adds confidence. Durability of applied cosmetics decreases the need for constant make-up adjustments during business meetings or public appearances.

Responding to the needs of mature skin, rejuvenating make-up ideally utilizes techniques of visual elimination of symptoms of the time passage.

It focuses on concealing the imperfections and restoring youthful look of your skin. Carefully selected colors will bring-out afresh the beauty of individual parts of your face: eyelashes, eyes and lips. 

There are many occasions like television interviews, professional photo-shots, important business meetings and weddings in which a man has to discretely hide his imperfect complexion while preserving natural looks.

Light and thin foundation applied using an “airbrush” technique gives a harmonious look to skin and maintains for up to 24 hours. This make-up does not require powdering, so the face preserves its natural radiance and the foundation is practically unnoticeable to others.

The make-up is completely water-proof, so it will not stain shirt collars or the suit.

Time spent on practical, “step by step” make-up lessons of your choosing will allow you to know how to bring out your good features and effectively hide the imperfections of your skin.

A dose of applied knowledge of color application in using shadows as well as practice with blushers and lipsticks selection.

Determining the shape of your face oval will simplify modeling with chiaroscuro and will help giving your eyelashes and lips a proper look. Knowing the saturation of your own color palette will aid in choosing appropriate foundation, powders and concealers.

Finally we will examine which of your own cosmetics are actually suitable for you.

We offer these lessons for all those who want to develop their skills in the art of make-up.

Determining the color theme that harmonizes best with your natural color palette is the key to success in creating stylizations and selecting accessories.

Color analysis is a practical guide through the world of colors and proper matching of clothes into one, coherent stylization.

With the help of one hundred wardrobe scarves you will see for yourself what range of colors suits best with your type of beauty. We will create a whole new color theme in which you will always look great!

In completely new and intriguing fashion you will rearrange you old wardrobe, you will be able to hide silhouette imperfections with the help of appropriate color theme and you will avoid bad shopping choices in clothing boutiques.

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