Microblading is a type of semi permanent make-up. It’s a manual method which allows to reconstruct and make eyebrows, guaranteeing most natural effect. 

The microblading method originates from Japan. Eyebrows made by this method remind natural hair and at the same time they are thick and have a beautiful shape. The difference between microblading and permanent make-up is fact that microblading isn’t done by a machine. This type of make-up is done with sterile, small blade and hand tool. An important part of microblading is the direction of drawing hair, technique and pigment. Eyebrows made by this method are permanent for two years. 


The treatment is recommended for a person who:
  – has losses or no eyebrows e.g. after chemoterapy
  –  wants a natural effect
  – often does henna and likes „perfect eyebrows” effect
  – appreciates their time and doesn’t want to spend it for everyday eyebrows make-up
  – has eyebrow asymmetry
  – wants to look perfect for 24 hours

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