An acrochordon is a small benign tumor that forms from connective tissue in dermis. It can be soft or hard and occur in different parts of the body. Its presence is not connected with any affliction and this change is not a danger for one’s health. Acrochordons resemble little tumors, usually in a colour similar to your complexion. They most often appear on the neck, back of neck, groins or on the limbs. Their sizes vary from 2 mm to 1 cm and their structure is shifting ground.


  • permanent acrochordons removal

Information about treatment

At ‘Prestiż’ Institute we propose removing acrochordons by Varilite laser treatment. It is one of the most popular methods of treatment. Laser beam is directed to acrochordon and absorbed by intra and extracellular water. Laser treatment causes the process of coagulation and water vaporization. Acrochodron is then removed in a bloodless way. This method does not leave any scars and it is safe for people in all ages, also for children.

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