Relaxation! At some point of our lives most of us realize that our body contains much more fat tissue than we would like. We cannot burn fat thanks to some magic diet recently discovered by American scientists. We cannot burn entire fat tissue in seven days. There is no magic potion, which will do all of work for us. Thanks to a little effort and a few positive changes in our lifestyle, we are able to burn this unwanted fat and keep it at distance. If you think that you have too much fat tissue – start the fight! We will help you with it!


  • slim body
  • cellulite reduction
  • slimmer hipline
  • improved skin firmness

Information about treatment

Needle mesotherapy – providing active ingredients directly to fat tissue with microinjections done with a special pistol or with a needle and syringe, exactly in the place where it is needed. Active substances can work optimally because they directly reach the place, which requires them. During the treatment applicable coctail of ingredients is chosen for the injections.

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