During pregnancy the skin becomes more sensitive due to the excessive production of estrogens. Overabundance of this hormone makes the sebaceous glands work more slowly than usual. With the shortage of sebum, the skin dries easily, it stings, reddens and reacts badly to some of the ingredients incorporated into the cosmetics. During pregnancy the body also retains water which causes the deepening of cellulite and leg swelling.

‘Prestiż’ Beauty Institute proposes a special treatment offer for future moms.

The best form of removing any tension accumulated in the body is to have a relaxing massage with warm, essential oils. Soothing and fragrant aromas released from massaging oils combined with circular movements performed by a masseur along the body’s energy channels will put you into a state of deep ease.


Duration: 15 minutes

Classic massage is a great way of improving skin elasticity and muscle function. This form of massage affects positively our psyche, it calms nerves and removes fatigue. Using techniques of fondling, rubbing, kneading, vibration and clapping – it stimulates the cardiovascular system, helps to remove the adhesions and scar softening. It also helps getting rid of harmful products of metabolism, strengthens muscles, bones and joints.


Duration: 30 minutes

KO BI DO massage performed for over a thousand years in Japan was formerly reserved exclusively for members of the imperial court as a secret of maintaining beautiful appearance. Nowadays anyone can stop time and enjoy smooth and elastic skin! This massage relaxes wrinkles and shapes the oval of the face. It is an inseparable complement to anti-aging treatments.


Duration: up to 30 minutes

Chinese cupping massage, usually done in order to improve skins firmness, is not just a form of treatment that has smoothing properties. For your muscles it is a perfect means of relaxation; for your complexion it is an ideal method of a cleansing treatment; for your body a great way of getting rid of unwanted elements like toxins and microbes. Cups, skillfully adjusted on various parts of our body, can be used without restrictions, you only need to pay attention to the changes on your skin. The vacuum, which is generated during the treatment has beneficial, healing and relaxing effects on our body.


Duration: 60 minutes

Milk peeling with a unique formula effectively cleanses and refreshes the skin and prepares it for further care. Sugar crystals embedded in soybean oil gently massage and exfoliate the layer of epidermis. Extracts from goat milk and lychee fruit provide regenerative and soothing ingredients and vitamins. Shea Butter provides comfort of use, it nourishes and smoothes the skin. After peeling the skin regains its radiance, its softness and smoothness. The skin is refreshed and has a delicate scent of lychee fruit.


Duration: 45 minutes


It stimulates the senses… caresses your skin… “Milk bath” thanks to high protein content of milk deeply hydrates, soothes and strengthens the skin. Milk is rich in valuable components such as proteins, calcium and vitamins. This milky Cleopatra Ritual is especially recommended after the summer, when the skin is extremely desiccated and weakened after intensive sunbathing. The overall effect of the treatment is a smooth, soft in touch and nourished skin.


Duration: 90 minutes

Body massage using scarf was taken from the ancient Turkish culture. Despite the softness of silk it has a strong relaxing properties, both on muscles and joints. Saffron ritual in which hands of the masseur are replaced by a silk scarf and an oriental tusk deeply stimulates muscles tension.
This ritual begins with an oriental body peeling, that nourishes and brightens the skin. Thanks to the body’s strong congestion it greatly absorbs saffron oil. Massage preparation include an extract of saffron oil, grain sprouts rich in vitamin E; coriander, cardamom and ylang-ylang (flower of flowers) oils. Oil ingredients neutralize free radicals and support the renewal of the epidermis. For a long time after the treatment the body remains velvety in touch, nourished and regenerated.


Duration: 90 minutes

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