Depending on the type of scar and its location on the body we can perform a treatment that will make it less visible, more elastic and in the ideal case – practically unnoticeable. You should be aware however, that considering even the most effective procedures available in aesthetic medicine a total, 100% removal of the scar is not possible.

Stretch marks appear frequently during puberty, pregnancy, when sudden changes in body weight and height occur. Hormonal factors play the crucial role in the formation of stretch marks. Although over time they become less visible, taking on the color of the surrounding skin they are definitely an aesthetic problem. Stretch marks are similar in nature to scars, so treatment of both types of skin changes is very alike.

Scars are formed as a part of natural process of wound healing.

Up to 12 months from the formation of a scar – we call it fresh. We should especially take good care of scars in that period of time because of many dynamic reconstruction changes that occur within them. We should protect them from additional injuries, sun and frost. We should also “mobilize the scar”, adequately moving it in all directions to prevent it from symphysis of the skin with surrounding fascias. Newly formed scar, initially thickened with grayish red color will soften and brighten over time. Unfortunately the process of healing does not always go all according to plan. If the process of healing is interrupted, pathological scars may form, such as:

  • hypertrophic scars – the result of excessive production of collagen which causes bulging towards scar tissue in the surrounding skin; that process may occur due to an excessive stretching of the scar or due to a wound infection.
  • atropic scars – result from insufficient production of new tissues; they create depressions in the skin and are often the end result of acne or chickenpox.
  • keloids – caused by a very strong, long-term, excessive production of connective tissue that grows into the healthy skin; hard tumors with protrusions form on the place of the wound in grayish-red or grey-blue color

Strech marks – they result from the severance of collagen fibers and elastin. This happens when the skin is exposed to strong stretches, lasting even for short periods of time. Among classic cases that favor the formation of stretch marks we can list: pregnancy, large overweight, rapid height grow period, extensive physical activities that build muscle mass. Hormonal disorders (an excessive production of cortisol and estrogen) are also responsible for the formation of stretch marks. Both causes may occur, and they often do, altogether.


  • reduced visibility of the scars
  • scaffolding of the skin is strengthened via activation of fibroblasts
  • skin more thickened with improved elasticity
  • rejuvenation and regeneration of the skin

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Medical peeling with lactic acid is a deep chemabrasion treatment that leads to controlled damage to epidermis and dermis under the supervision of a qualified cosmetologist. This treatment deeply regenerates the skin, decreases the visibility of scars, wrinkles and discolorations, it also constricts pores. Skin regeneration process may cause heavy exfoliation.


  • reduced visibility of the scars
  • skin more thickened with improved elasticity
  • reduction of stretch marks

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Non-ablative fractional laser is responsible for deep regeneration of skin. Emerge performs resurfacing, using energy in form of microbeams of light, which damage chosen areas of both epidermis and dermis in a controlled way. In natural process of healing, damaged cells are replaced with new, healthy tissue. As an effect, skin is healthier and looks younger. Laser gives excellent result in curing crow’s feet, skin folds, stretch marks and scars. It tones up and brightens up the skin.
We recommend the cycle of 3–6 treatments in 2–3 weeks intervals


  • for the results of microneedle mesotherapy to be noticeable you have to wait, sometimes as long as up to a year (usually 6–9 months)!
  • scars more shallow and more even
  • reduction of stretch marks
  • flabby skin firmed with improved elasticity
  • an intensive form of rejuvenation and regeneratio

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Microneedle mesotherapy Dermapen NanoFrax is an innovative treatment performed for many of the skin conditions. This procedure gives sensational results of rejuvenated and regenerated skin. It also helps in eliminating scars and stretch marks.
Systematically performed treatment of epidermis microperforations, comparable to laser treatments, is a safe method of skin stimulation, that results in skins improved structure and elasticity. Wrinkles become more shallow and scars and stretch marks more smooth thanks to the proliferation of collagen.


  • stretch marks reduced up to 80%
  • scars and stretch marks remain in color with the surrounding area of the skin due to the improved blood flow
  • evened surface of the stretch marks due to increased collagen synthesis stimulated by delamination of CO2
  • carboxytherapy is the only available cosmetic procedure made to fight against both, old and new stretch marks; it brings noticeable improvements to the skin regardless of its color and tone.
  • thickened and more elastic skin
  • reduced diameter of the scars

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Carboxytherapy is a procedure that consists of a controlled administration of carbon dioxide with intradermal or subdermal injections using a “CONCERTO” device. Carbon dioxide has multidirectional applications. The reduction of wrinkles takes only 5 minutes, the treatment of stretch marks on your abdomen takes approximately 30 minutes. To reach the best results this treatment should be taken in series.


  • stimulated production of collagen and elastin
  • scars and wrinkles more shallow
  • increased congestion in the area of treatment

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The synergy of two microdermabrasion procedures and acids will double their strength against scars and stretch marks through the use of both – chemical and mechanical peelings. During the treatment of diamond microdermabrasion the exfoliation effect is achieved by the attrition of heads covered with diamond layer and a pomp that suctions dead epidermis.

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