Couperose skin is a very delicate, thin, dry and easily irritated type of skin. It is prone to allergies as well as emotional and environmental factors. It gives a feeling of tightening, stinging with frequently appearing broken and reddened capillaries. In the case of couperose skin blood vessels cannot withstand blood pressure and therefore they dilate, leaving traces of “red threads” (so-called telangiectasia), that shine through the skin. They are most often localized on cheeks, the wings of the nose and on the chin.
Under the influence of emotional factors and stimuli from our environment, that causes rapid extensions and contractions of blood vessels – erythema appears along with the feeling of warmth and stinging. At the beginning it may disappear after the noxious stimulus is removed, but over time it embeds and finally it changes into a chronic state. It is important to know that oversensitivity and fragility of blood vessels are also factors that increase the likelihood of rosacea.
Couperose skin belongs to the type of skin that requires systematic approach and perseverance in caring. This cosmetic problem can be limited by proper skin care as well as balanced diet and careful home care.


  • closed vessels
  • skin free of visible signs of telangiectasia (so-called “red spiders”)

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Diode laser – LASER VARILITE allows non-surgical closing of vessels.
This non-invasive method gives very effective cosmetic and healing results. The laser beam of a specific wavelength passes through the skin without damaging it. Closed vessel undergoes absorption and disappears after some time.


  • alleviation of skin irritations
  • hypersensitive skin soothed
  • reduction of erythema and redness
  • improved blood flow
  • blood vessels plugged and their visibility reduced
  • even skin tone
  • skin hydrated and rejuvenated

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The Cellular Oxidative Bioinfusion OXYDERMIE treatment consists of the implementation of active ingredients deep into the skin using clean and naturally concentrated oxygen. This procedure is completely safe and painless. It provides the skin with valuable active substances contained in concentrates, it also supplies the cells with life-giving oxygen. Oxidative bioinfusion is the ideal treatment for vascular complexion and rosacea.


  • effective therapy for chronic erythema
  • reduced skin redness caused by environmental and emotional factors
  • thickened skin with reduced oversensitivity to external factors
  • skins protective barrier strengthened
  • prophylaxis of skin capillaries
  • the epidermis surface refined and smoothed
  • hypersensitive skin thoroughly cleansed from all impurities
  • even skin tone with regained radiance

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Dermatologically developed skin resurfacing PH Formula successfully treats skin defects, such as skin oversensitivity, erythema and couperose skin. Products for resurfacing PH Formula are carefully selected to meet specific needs. Among them are mixtures of acids, enzymes, vitamins, antioxidants, anti-inflammatory substances and the most important of all the ingredients – transporting complex PH-DVC™.


  • improved skin tone; increased skin hydration level
  • fine wrinkles smoothed
  • rejuvenated facial features
  • soothing and anti-inflammatory effects
  • preventing the ageing processes
  • skin visibly strengthened
  • rejuvenated and regenerated skin

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Hydracure is the highest dimension of active hydration which perfectly protects the skin from the symptoms of substantial water loss. The main component of this line of cosmetics is hyaluronic acid with three molecular weights that increases skin hydration to the highest level. Additionally we use the volcanic thermal water from Izumo Yumura source in Japan, microsponge with lactic acid and ceramides, as well as emollients.


  • vascular complexion strengthened with the use of vitamin C; vessels sealed
  • mature skin revitalized
  • skin regains its lost radiance
  • banquet treatment
  • immediately after the procedure the active substances give the feeling of more tightened skin
  • non-invasive gentle relaxation of facial features
  • the surface of the epidermis refined and smoothed
  • the recovery of skins healthy color; getting rid of gray, tired skin and removal of layers of dead cells
  • long-lasting effects of regenerated and nourished epidermis
  • regenerated and rejuvenated skin

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Peeling Vitamin C is intended for mature, tired, couperose and discolored skin. The composition of active vitamin C, l-ascorbic and ferulic acid strongly tightens and humidify the skin immediately after the procedure. After the treatment, the skin looks rested, smoothed and tightened. The vitamin C has also antioxidative properties and regenerate our skin.


  • the recovery of skins healthy color; getting rid of gray, tired skin and removal of layers of dead cells
  • reducing the signs of ageing
  • thickened living layers of the epidermis
  • flabby skin tightened and the contours of face oval sharpened
  • smoothing of wrinkles, also around eyes and lips regions
  • the corners of lips and eyelids visibly uplifted
  • flabby skin is firmed, the scaffolding of the skin is thickened; the skin is strengthened and less sensitive
  • reduction of damaged superficial blood vessels which after the process of healing are considerably improved
  • reduction of scarring
  • even skin tone

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DermaPen NanoFrax (also known as microneedle mesotherapy) is an innovative application of small needles placed on a special device that smooths and revitalizes the skin. DermaPen NanoFrax is a complex therapy that consists of cavitation peeling, dermapen and care after the treatment.


  • the recovery of skins healthy color; getting rid of gray, tired skin and removal of layers of dead cells
  • firmed, thickened and more elastic skin
  • the skin is less sensitive to external factors, no allergic and erythematous reactions
  • creating new networks of blood vessels that increase nourishment of the skin and ease the workload of existing vessels
  • dilatation of lymphatic vessels, reduction of swellings and concretions
  • face oval uplifted and more tensed
  • reduction of wrinkles
  • lifting of drooping eyelids
  • reduction of bags and shadows under eyes
  • improved skin condition and radiance
  • improved absorption of home care cosmetics

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Carboxytheraphy is a treatment that uses carbon dioxide, also known as a ‘miracle gas’. The efficiency of carboxytherapy in improving skin density and in elimination of wrinkles is priceless. This procedure consists of a controlled administration of carbon dioxide with intradermal or subdermal injection, using a French device CONCERTO of FUSION brand. The gas is injected within strictly required parameters for a specific depth. CONCERTO device is an automated pistol that reduces the discomfort of the procedure.

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