Pregnancy is a period of many changes in a woman’s body with altered hormone levels that are substantially reflected in the appearance of the skin. This is the time in which we should especially surround our skin with care and entrust it with professional advice. During pregnancy and after childbirth we need calmness, wellbeing and beautiful, well-groomed facial skin. A systematic care is recommended for facial skin as well as neck and neckline regions. We recommend treatments preventing facial discolorations and eliminating swellings supplemented by moisturizing and nourishing procedures.


  • a banquet treatment, the skin looks much younger immediately after the procedure
  • less visible wrinkles
  • gentle relaxation of facial features
  • improved skin hydration level

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Timexpert Rides from Germaine de Capuccini is a treatment of advanced correction of laughter lines, designed for mature skin with visible furrows. This procedure neutralizes skin micro-tensions in similar fashion to botulin toxin. It fills facial lines through soaking them with microcollagen. It visibly smoothes wrinkles after just one procedure preventing the emergence of new ones.


  • improved skin tone; increased skin hydration level
  • fine wrinkles smoothed
  • rejuvenated facial features
  • preventing the ageing processes of the skin
  • skin visibly strengthened
  • rejuvenated and regenerated skin

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Hydracure is the highest dimension of active hydration which perfectly protects skin from the symptoms of substantial water loss. The main component of this line of cosmetics is hyaluronic acid with three molecular weights that increases skin hydration to the highest level. The effects are already visible after the first treatment after which the skin reclaims its capacity to retain water, looks rejuvenated and regains its softness and comfort.


  • skin cleansed of open and closed blackheads and miliums
  • smooth skin; skins roughness and irregularities eliminated
  • rejuvenated, radiant skin
  • more tarnished skin, seborrhea regulated
  • normalized work of sebaceous glands; reduced formation of skin impurities
  • skin more hydrated; deficiencies in the hydrolipidic coat replenished

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Manual cleansing is a treatment made to remove any skin contaminations by using cavitation peeling and manual cleaning. Skin cleansing thoroughly removes the excess of sebum from pores and hair follicles; it eliminates rough skin, gets rid of blackheads and bacteria. It smoothes and rejuvenates the skin, improving microcirculation in the body.

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