Lips are the showcase of the entire face, they are the primary point of focus in every conversation. Correction of lips is recommended for everyone who has an irregular shape, narrow mouth that lacks firmness and is dry, cracking and surrounded by wrinkles. This treatment is not reserved exclusively for ladies.
Procedures involving lips correction are gaining increasing popularity. Their shape, volume and moisture are extremely important. Lips enlargement is an effective, non-invasive procedure.


  • symmetric lips
  • filling and correction of lips contour
  • more emphasized lips
  • lips skin more hydrated
  • firmer lips
  • removal of wrinkles around lips
  • lips corners raised

Information about treatment

Lips filling requires not only a lot of experience from aesthetic medicine doctor, but it also requires the ability to create an attractive and adequate shape that meets the expectations of the patient and is also adequate to facial features. Lips augmentation using hyaluronic acid is nowadays the standard in aesthetic medicine.

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