Relaxation! At some point in our lives most of us realize that our body contains more fat tissue that we would certainly like. Burning fat in our body doesn’t take place through some magic diet, recently discovered by American scientists. No magical potion exists that would make burning an excessive fat tissue possible within seven days. However, with little effort and some positive changes in our lifestyle we are able to reduce fat and keep it in desired parameters. If you are not satisfied with your look – start fighting! We will help you accomplish your goal!


  • improved tightness of the skin; skin effectively strengthened
  • sharpened face contours
  • perfectly sculpted and expressive face oval
  • smooth, tightened, strengthened and “uplifted” skin
  • face regains its former tightness and elasticity of bright and nourished skin
  • biological capital of the skin is preserved; the signs of ageing are paused
  • youthful look
  • recovered skins gloss and radiance
  • fine wrinkles smoothed
  • improved skins firmness and elasticity
  • intensive hydration
  • regeneration of the skin
  • visibly improved skin complexion

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Needle mesotherapy involves injecting certain substances into the skin using a special gun for mesotherapy treatments or conventionally using a syringe and a very thin needle. This treatment is preceded by anesthesia (performed using “Emla” ointment, included in the overall price). The type of used preparation is carefully selected to meet the needs of the skin.


  • improved skins firmness and elasticity
  • reduced skin discoloration
  • reduced wrinkles and and signs of aging
  • reduced acne scars
  • aligned the texture of the skin
  • face oval more tightened


First effects can be seen already on the second day while the best results can be seen after 2–3 weeks

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Non-ablative fractional laser is responsible for deep regeneration of skin. Emerge performs resurfacing, using energy in form of microbeams of light, which damage chosen areas of both epidermis and dermis in a controlled way. In natural process of healing, damaged cells are replaced with new, healthy tissue. As an effect, skin is healthier and looks younger. Laser gives excellent result in curing crow’s feet, skin folds, stretch marks and scars. It tones up and brightens up the skin.
We recommend the cycle of 3–6 treatments in 2–3 weeks intervals.


  • fine wrinkles removed
  • visible reduction of deep wrinkles
  • delicately filled skin
  • facial “volume” restored
  • softening of facial features
  • sharpened face oval
  • replenishment of skin hydration level
  • revitalized, rebuilt and nourished skin (this procedure is comparable to 2–3 standard needle mesotherapy treatments)
  • brightened skin
  • youthful skin complexion restored

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Advanced needle mesotherapy treatment, recommended as “SOFT FILLING”. The first skin booster in pre-filled syringe CYTOCARE S Line. It is an extraordinarily strong antioxidant and moisturizing formula that gives your skin an immediate illumination effect, restoring the natural physiological balance. Hydration and revitalization of facial skin, neckline and back of the hand regions.


  • fine wrinkles removed
  • the most advanced wrinkles preventive and removal procedure
  • temporal removal of wrinkles
  • the skin looks younger and relaxed
  • the skin looks natural, only small marks remain in the areas of botulin toxin administration

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The botulin toxin has been known and the treatments containing this toxin have been used in medical procedures for almost 30 years. It reduces wrinkles efficiently, uplifts eyelids and tightens the skin. This treatment gives an instant effect lasting for several months.


  • the signs of ageing stopped
  • anti-wrinkle properties
  • smooth skin
  • smoothed out wrinkles
  • visible uplifting effect
  • the botox effect
  • nourished skin in better condition
  • improved skin hydration level
  • protection for skins stem cells
  • natural skin radiance restored
  • improved skin tone

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The Cellular Oxidative Bioinfusion treatment consists of the implementation of active ingredients deep into the skin using clean and naturally concentrated oxygen. This procedure is completely safe and painless. It provides the skin with valuable active substances contained in concentrates, it also supplies the cells with life-giving oxygen.


  • healthier color of skin; getting rid of gray, tired skin and removal of layers of dead cells
  • reducing the signs of ageing
  • thickening of the living parts of the epidermis
  • flabby skin tightened and the contours of face oval sharpened
  • smoothing of wrinkles, also around eyes and lips regions
  • the corners of the lips and eyelids visibly uplifted
  • flabby skin is firmed, the scaffolding of the skin is thickened; the skin is strengthened and less sensitive
  • reduction of damaged superficial blood vessels which after the process of healing are considerably improved
  • reduction of scarring
  • even skin tone

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DermaPen NanoFrax (also known as microneedle mesotherapy) is an innovative application of small needles placed on a special device that smooth and revitalize the skin. DermaPen NanoFrax is a complex therapy that consists of cavitation peeling, dermapen and postoperative care.


  • most advanced treatment for filling furrows, natural folds of the skin, wrinkles and all skin irregularities
  • wrinkles uplifted; less visible wrinkles and smoother the skin
  • improved facial contours
  • improved skin condition
  • skin looks younger and fresher

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Filler is a treatment that uses cross-linked hyaluronic acid to eliminate deep and fixed wrinkles, natural skin folds, cavities and all collapsed places on the skin.
Filler is the most advanced procedure created to eliminate wrinkles and to fill the furrows. Facial lines are softened and skin folds are less visible.


  • the recovery of skins healthy color; getting rid of gray, tired skin and removal of layers of dead cells
  • firmed, thickened and more elastic skin
  • the skin is less sensitive to external factors, no allergic and erythematous reactions
  • creating new networks of blood vessels that increase nourishment of the skin and ease the workload of existing vessels
  • dilatation of lymphatic vessels, reduction of swellings and concretions
  • face oval uplifted and more tensed
  • reduction of wrinkles
  • lifting of drooping eyelids
  • reduction of bags and shadows under eyes
  • improved skin condition and radiance
  • improved absorption of home care cosmetics

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Carboxytheraphy is a treatment that uses carbon dioxide, also known as a ‘miracle gas’. The efficiency of carboxytherapy in improving skin density and in elimination of wrinkles is priceless. 


  • the recovery of skins healthy color; getting rid of gray, tired skin and removal of layers of dead cells
  • even skin tone
  • the skin is less sensitive to external factors, no allergic and erythematous reactions
  • thorough cleansing of skin from impurities
  • epidermis surface refined, reduced visibility of wrinkles
  • scaffolding of the skin is strengthened via activation of fibroblasts
  • skin visibly thickened with improved elasticity
  • skin regeneration

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Retix C is the absolute bestseller among care treatments for face, neck and neckline regions. Medical peeling is a procedure of deep chemabrasion. By epidermis exfoliation it leads to deep regeneration of the skin, is also reduces scars visibility of, wrinkles and discolorations. It shrinks pores and shows anti-wrinkles properties. Skin regenerative process may lead to heavy exfoliation of epidermis which may cause some discomfort in social or public life.


  • effective anti-wrinkles therapy
  • scaffolding of the skin is strengthened via activation of fibroblasts
  • skin visibly thickened with improved elasticity
  • tightened face oval, facial features more relaxed
  • visible rejuvenation effect
  • the recovery of skins healthy color; getting rid of gray, tired skin and removal of layers of dead cells
  • reduced skin discolorations
  • even skin tone
  • thorough cleansing and closing of the skin pores, eliminating the effect of netting
  • surface of the skin smoothed, reduced visibility of scars and wrinkles
  • rejuvenated and regenerated skin

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Medical peeling is a treatment of deep chemabrasion which leads to controlled damage of epidermis and skin, under the supervision of a qualified cosmetologist. Products for resurfacing PH Formula are carefully selected to meet specific needs. Among them are mixtures of acids, enzymes, vitamins, antioxidants, anti-inflammatory substances and the most important of all the ingredients – transporting complex PH-DVC™.


  • a banquet treatment, the skin looks much younger immediately after the procedure
  • less visible wrinkles
  • gentle relaxation of facial features
  • improved skin hydration level
  • the recovery of skins healthy color; getting rid of gray, tired skin and removal of layers of dead cells
  • regenerated and rejuvenated skin

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Timexpert Rides from Germaine de Capuccini is a treatment of advanced correction of laughter lines, designed for mature skin with visible lines. This procedure neutralizes skin micro-tensions in similar fashion to botulin toxin. It fills facial lines through soaking them with microcollagen. It visibly smoothes wrinkles after just one procedure preventing the emergence of new ones. Timexpert Ride also improves firmness and flexibility of the skin.


  • smoothed surface of the epidermis
  • skin regains its healthy color
  • reduction and cleansing of skin pores
  • less visible scars, improved structurally
  • skin more tarnished, seborrhea regulated
  • improved skin hydration level
  • skin visibly thickened with improved elasticity
  • skin regenerative processes stimulated, skin more radiant

Information about treatment

Medical peeling with lactic acid is a deep chemabrasion treatment. This procedure is recommended especially as a treatment for wrinkles and as a means of prevention. It leads to controlled exfoliation under the supervision of a qualified cosmetologist. This procedure deeply regenerates skin, it also reduces symptoms of photo-ageing. Skin regeneration process may cause heavy exfoliation.

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