We offer you a RELAX FOR TWO!!

We invite all pairs, sisters, family, friends and all those who wish to spend time in ones company. Any chosen treatment (also two different ones) can be performed simultaneously. In the candlelight, with soothing music and dim light, with a hint of oriental fragrances… a glass of good wine…

Treatments FOR TWO are performed at the same time, in one room, side by side.

At the same time, in one room, next to each other in candlelight – your body will experience an unforgettable massage.


  • Relaxing body massage 

 Relaxing massage using warm, essential oils will eliminate all kinds of tension accumulated in the body. Soothing and fragrant aromas released from massaging oils combined with circular movements performed by a masseur along the body’s energy channels will put you into a state of deep relaxation.


  • Classic body massage

 Classic massage is a great way of improving skin elasticity and muscle function. This form of massage positively affects our psyche, it calms nerves and removes fatigue. Using techniques of fondling, rubbing, kneading, vibration and clapping – it stimulates the cardiovascular system, helps to remove the adhesions and speeds up scar softening. It also helps getting rid of harmful products of metabolism, strengthens muscles, bones and joints.


Duration: 60 minutes

An intensive treatment for couples who care for the health and great looks of their skin. A strongly hydrating body peeling will add silky smoothness and beautiful aroma to your body. Vigorous movements of the masseur’s hands will improve body congestion, they will stimulate your skin thus making it more willing to absorb nutrients base of peelings.
Peelings to choose from:

  • goat’s milk very delicate fragrance, highly moisturizing properties, ideal for dry skin)
  • chocolate sweet smell, vitamin bomb for your skin, strong regeneration properties)
  • a surprise (peeling of the month)


Duration: 45 minutes

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